I am inspired by architectural spaces. In my work, I explore how space influences human behavior and interaction. I address issues of mobility across both conceptual and physical dimensions. I am interested in how spatial awareness can contribute to and shape people’s experiences and influence their social interactions. I seek to challenge people's perceptions and to elicit thoughtful reactions through modifications and examinations of space.

I explore the necessity of and quest for home by designing portable architectures and transitional environments. While several environments serve as architectural blueprints that aim to mark a space, others address my concerns using physical objects. All of my projects operate with a sense of ephemerality.

My works have a minimal aesthetic. This choice reflects my understanding of the nomadic mindset, informed as it is by the limited baggage nomads carry. Therefore the environments I create usually contain very select materials, a limitation that stands in opposition to the consumer abundance which dominates sedentary cultures. The spaces I create lack domestic warmth because they don’t belong to anyone: they function on both personal and impersonal levels. My work engages this opposition and interplay as a complex symbol for ‘home’..